Pennsylvania Good and Excellent Credit Mortgages

Do you want to be rewarded for your excellent credit history?

We can do that.

We have an Elite Program for borrowers with scores over 760 with LTV and loan amount over $250,000. This rate will be on average .125% less than rates for someone with anything just below that.

740+ is Excellent Credit.

640-739 is Good Credit.

Below 640? Please see our Sub-prime mortgage information.

We offer Conventional loans, FHA mortgages and Streamline Refinances, Homestyle and 203k Renovation loans, Good Neighbor Mortgages and Energy Efficient Mortgages.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Charge Loan Level Price Adjustments based on 640+ credit score:

Every lender offering a conforming loan must follow these add-ons. The add-ons are in points (% of loan amount as a closing cost/fee at closing) but can also be paid for with an increase in rate. Each .500 on the table equates to approximately a 1/8% (.125) optional increase in rate to “buy-out” of the LLPA fee.

Mortgage LLPA Fannie and Freddie Conforming Loans

If you have excellent credit, we can preapprove you with only basic information.

We can also provide a custom rate quote. Our posted rates do not factor in the above LLPA’s for each loan so it is best to contact us for your specific rate. Our rates are very low, without sacrificing service.

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FHA Loan Level Price Adjustments based on credit score are much simpler:

FHA Credit Score LLPA

Below 640 score? We can still help with an FHA mortgage. Please see our Sub-prime mortgage information .

Jumbo Loan LLPA’s

Our Big and Easy Jumbo loans require a minimum 720 credit score:

Jumbo Mortgage LLPA

We will work within the above guideline to ensure you are rewarded for your excellent credit score.

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