Bad Credit & Sub-Prime Mortgages

Is your credit score below 640?  We have loans down to 580 FICO with a $250,000 minimum loan amount.  

We can help | Bad Credit Mortgages and No Credit Score.

  • We can provide 96.5% mortgages down to a 580 credit score for FHA.
  • No out of pocket cost for a pre-approval.
  • $250,000 minimum loan amount
  • We must pull your tri-merge credit report to obtain your mortgage scores. These are not the same scores a consumer obtains.
  • With your credit report we will be able to tell you if we can help you now, or what steps you need to take before you can be pre-approved.
  • Bankruptcy?  Foreclosure?   If 2 years old and 640 FICO score you only need 20% down.     Less than 2 years old you need at least 40% down on house purchase.  No 2 year waiting limit but you must have at least 40% down and have at least a $250,000 loan amount ($625,000 sales price/value).
  • Use to get any errors on your credit report corrected and you must remove all disputes before you apply.
  • You will need to have at least 3.5% of the sales price available in the bank two weeks before closing to purchase a home.
  • We can work with your Realtor or the seller to help structure the sales contract to cover your closing costs.
  • For properties outside of Pennsylvania and New York please call 866-577-7366.  Otherwise, apply HERE

We have to have the facts in front of us to help you with a Sub-Prime Loan.

If you have excellent credit, we can preapprove you with only basic information. With sub-prime credit, we want to make sure we are completely accurate in our quotes and preapproval. We must see exactly what the problem(s) is, the mortgage scores, amount past due, etc. This means you need to fill out a loan application (not the pre-qualify screen) and have us pull your tri-merge mortgage credit report.home loan credit repair New york queens bronx

Please visit our APPLY page. We can then send you a guaranteed quote of costs and a rate, as well as a pre-approval or some coaching to get you there. 

That report will be valid for four months. It may be enough time to get you to closing. After four months, we would just need to order a new report.

APPLY now if you meet the requirements below.  You need to invest in a mortgage credit report that will last 4 months through closing.

Minimum loan amount $250,000.

Minimum down payment 3.5% with 580 score.

Bankruptices and Foreclosures must be discharged for at least 2 years for 3.5% down.  Otherwise you need at least 40% down.

Bad credit mortgage

Do you have 3 months before you are ready to look for a home?  Follow our free credit repair and credit score boost tips to save money and prepare for home ownership.

If you are only beginning to save or to think about buying a home please pull your free report below.  If you have the time you should remove fix any errors by instantly disputing them and then a month or two later remove any remaining open disputes. 

You can also achieve an average of a 15 point credit score boost within one month by opening a secured credit card and using it.  Find a card that reports to the credit bureaus here.  Two cards will raise your score even more!

Lastly, avoid any new credit inquires "hard inquiries" to avoid a score decrease.  The link below is not considered an inquiry.

Free annual credit report

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