Pennsylvania Bad Credit & PA Sub-Prime Mortgages

Is your credit score below 620?  We have loans down to 500 FICO.

We can help | Pennsylvania Bad Credit Mortgages are back.

  • We can provide 97% mortgages down to a 580 credit score, and 75% LTV mortgages to a 540 credit score, and 60% LTV mortgages to a 500 credit score .
  • The lower the score, the slightly higher the rate. A 600 credit score will be able to lock in a better rate than a 540.
  • We must pull your tri-merge credit report to obtain your mortgage scores. These are not the same scores a consumer obtains.
  • With your credit report we will be able to tell you if we can help you now, or what steps you need to take before you can be pre-approved.
  • Bankruptcy?  Foreclosure?  1 Day old is acceptable!   If 2 years old and 580 FICO score you only need 3% down.     Less than 2 years old you need at least 25% down on house purchase.  No 2 year waiting limit but you must have at least 25% down.
  • We can use non-traditional credit such as utility and cell phone accounts to build a credit report for you.
  • We will help you get any errors on your credit report corrected.
  • You will need to have at least 3.5% of the sales price available in the bank two weeks before closing to purchase a home.
  • We can work with your Realtor or the seller to help structure the sales contract to cover your closing costs.
  • We can use boarder income on case my case basis.

We have to have the facts in front of us to help you with a Sub-Prime Loan.

If you have excellent credit, we can preapprove you with only basic information. With sub-prime credit, we want to make sure we are completely accurate in our quotes and preapproval. We must see exactly what the problem(s) is, the mortgage scores, amount past due, etc. This means you need to fill out a loan application (not the pre-qualify screen) and pay for a tri-merge mortgage credit report.

Please visit our APPLY page and make a small investment in the credit report. We can then send you a guaranteed quote of costs and a rate, as well as a pre-approval or some coaching to get you there. You will be credited for the credit report you paid for if you choose to apply with us.

That report will be valid for four months. It may be enough time to get you to closing. After four months, we would just need to order a new report.

APPLY now if you meet the requirements below.  You need to invest in a mortgage credit report that will last 4 months through closing.

Certified Mortgage Professional

Minimum loan amount $100,000.

Minimum down payment 3.5%

Minimum credit score 500.

Bankruptices and Foreclosures must be discharged for at least 2 years for 3.5% down.  Otherwise you need at least 25% down.